What is the project’s size and scope?

Based on local transmission line capacity, the Montcalm Wind project is expected to have the capacity to generate up to 375 MW of home-grown Michigan clean energy, powering up to 85,000 homes annually, comparable to our 385 MW Isabella Wind project, located north of Montcalm County.

By utilizing the latest and most efficient wind turbine technology available, we expect Montcalm Wind to be able to generate that amount of electricity with substantially fewer turbines than were needed for Isabella Wind (fewer than 75 turbines compared to 136 for Isabella). Each turbine would take up less than an acre of land on average, including its associated access road.

Approximately 50,000 acres of land could be leased as part of the project. Wind turbines and access roads would cover less than 1% of the land leased for the project.