Meet the Team

Kent Dougherty
Director of Project Development, Apex Clean Energy

Kent Dougherty has worked for Apex Clean Energy since 2009 and has been in the renewable energy industry for over 15 years. He has developed thousands of megawatts of now-operating wind facilities and has worked on projects in Indiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Michigan, Virginia, and Illinois. As a director of project development, Kent oversees a team that focuses on land leasing and project permitting, and he coordinates with the numerous specialists who contribute to a project’s development, including in wind resource, engineering, public engagement, and grid interconnection.

Kent is a strong believer in the promise of renewable energy, not only for the environmental benefits it brings, but also for the strong economic development opportunities it creates in the form of manufacturing and skilled service jobs and as a powerful source of local community revenue. He also believes in the energy security it delivers for our nation, weaning us from foreign energy sources and helping to build a new and transformative electricity infrastructure that will power our economy into the future.

Brian O’Shea
Public Engagement Manager, Apex Clean Energy

Brian O'Shea leads Apex Clean Energy's public and community engagement efforts for projects throughout Michigan. Brian began his career organizing in rural communities in North Dakota and throughout Minnesota before moving to the private sector in 2013, where he worked as a consultant to numerous businesses, trade associations, nonprofits, and advocacy groups across the country on issues ranging from education policy to workforce development to clean energy. Brian was excited to join Apex Clean Energy as a public engagement manager in 2019. In this capacity, he works closely with local elected leaders, community leaders, landowners, and residents to gather local feedback, answer common questions, and work with communities to help realize their opportunities for renewable energy development and accelerate America’s shift to clean energy. 

Erynn McKay
Michigan Field Organizer, Apex Clean Energy

Erynn McKay works as a Field Organizer with a focus on Apex Clean Energy’s solar projects throughout Michigan. Erynn was raised in Michigan and graduated from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, where she earned a degree in Political Science focused on Global and International Studies. Following graduation, Erynn worked in mortgage underwriting. She began her organizing career on the west side of the state in Kalamazoo with the Census Bureau in 2020, where she was a Field Supervisor for Kalamazoo County. Prior to joining Apex, Erynn worked as a Regional Organizing Lead for issue-focused campaigns in Michigan and Georgia. Erynn is based north of Detroit and will be working in project communities with supporters, community members, developers, and landowners.

Dan Paris

Dan Pairs, a Lakeview native and son of Montcalm County, serves as the Lead Land Agent for Montcalm Wind. He works throughout the project footprint to discuss the easement and identify new project participants. Dan is also a good local point of contact for any questions or concerns, as well as passing along any local news or developments you think we should be aware of.

Cam Haskins

Cam Haskins was born and raised in Michigan and is a Land Agent for Montcalm Wind. He has been involved in the energy business for over 30 years and began work in renewable windfarm energy in 2015. Cam will work with Dan Paris to identify new project participants and easements. Cam is excited to be a part of the Apex team and appreciates the opportunity to help build a renewable energy resource for not only for the Montcalm County community, but also for the beautiful state of Michigan.

Paul Andrus

Paul Andrus works with the Montcalm Wind team as a Land Agent. Born and raised in Northern Michigan, Paul has worked in land leasing in the energy sector for over a decade, including working in the renewable energy sector throughout Michigan for the past several years. Paul is glad to be back in Michigan helping with the transition to clean energy in his home state.

Laurie Johnson

Laurie Johnson, Trufant Office Manager, has joined the Montcalm Wind team and is excited to work for such a good cause! Although she has only lived in Montcalm for two years, she has been visiting and appreciating this area ever since she married her husband 32 years ago. He was born and raised on a centennial dairy and crop farm in Pine Township. Laurie’s background is in education with 14 years of experience teaching elementary and preschool students. Her passion for the environment is her motivation.