Survey Results

Survey Shows Huntington County Supports Wind Energy

An independent telephone survey of Huntington County homeowners found that a majority support a wind energy project in rural southeastern Huntington County, and an overwhelming 90% support wind energy for America.






Q: Do you support a wind energy project in rural Huntington County?

Q: Do you favor wind as part of America's energy mix?

Q: Plum Tree Wind is estimated to generate $100 million for local government and landowners. Would these new sources of revenue benefit your community?

Y/N: Farmers should have the right to use their land for wind energy if they choose.

Q: If you owned property in a rural part of Huntington County would you be willing to have a wind turbine on your property?

  • Only 11% of homeowners selected at random said they are opposed to a wind energy project in their county, 56% support it.

  • The survey found an overwhelming 90% believe that wind energy should play a role in providing electricity for the nation.

  • 83% said the community would benefit from the taxes, jobs and lease payments to landowners generated by wind energy. Plum Tree Wind is expected to generate $4.26 million in new property taxes in just the first ten years of operation. The total economic contribution over its 25-year lifetime is estimated at $100 million. 

  • 79% of survey respondents support protecting the property rights of landowners when it comes to wind energy, saying farmer should have the right to harvest the wind if they choose.

  • A majority (56%) said if they owned property in the project area, they would be willing to have a turbine on their land.

"We are very pleased that so many Huntington County residents believe a wind energy project can benefit the community, and this encourages us to continue exploring the possibilities for Plum Tree Wind. The survey shows strong belief that the taxes generated and the economic boost from wind energy would be a real benefit for the county.”

- Rob Propes, Plum Tree Wind Development Manager

 This statistically valid study was conducted by an independent research firm that surveyed +300 randomly selected Huntington County homeowners by telephone in September of 2013. The margin of error is +/- 5%.