Montcalm Wind grants to support local hospitals and family safety programs

TRUFANT, MI – Montcalm Wind and Apex Clean Energy are pleased to announce five Montcalm County-based organizations as the recipients of the second round of funds from the project’s community grant program. Launched earlier this year, one of the program’s goals is to support residents and organizations working to make a positive difference in their community.

“Montcalm County is fortunate to have strong institutions and community groups that are working together to support their neighbors and strengthen the entire region,” said Albert Jongewaard, Senior Development Manager with Apex Clean Energy. “We are proud to support these grantees and their work on behalf of the entire Montcalm County community.”

With the region’s healthcare providers and staff stretched thin, Montcalm Wind is proud to support grant requests from local hospitals including Sheridan Community Hospital, which received a grant to purchase a rapid infuser that will provide care for critically ill patients, while helping maintain the hospital’s designation as a level IV trauma center.

“We are excited to receive this grant to better serve our patients and the local community,” said Lili Petricevic, Chief Executive Officer at Sheridan Community Hospital. “The rapid infuser provides the hospital team with the ability to prevent and treat clinical shock through rapid administration of fluids. With our Emergency Department available 24 hours, seven days a week, the rapid infuser will allow us to warm the IV fluids to prevent and treat hypothermia and minimize the risk of blood clotting. This device can be used in life-saving situations, for patients with severe hemorrhage, as seen in trauma, gastrointestinal bleeding, postoperative bleeding, septic shock, and burn.”

A Montcalm Wind community grant was also awarded to the Spectrum Health United & Kelsey Hospitals Foundation. This grant, along with the support from the Montcalm Intermediate School District and Greenville Area Community Foundation, will help support the foundation’s Welcome Baby Program.

Jennifer Peterman, Manager of Community Programs at the foundation, describes how the program will benefit from grant dollars. “The Welcome Baby team at Spectrum Health United Lifestyles is thrilled to be awarded these dollars to continue to support the families in our community. We are grateful to add Apex Clean Energy to the list of engaged community partners! The grant funding will help to provide families with new babies’ access to quality health professionals who will guide, educate, and support new parents through all the challenges that parenthood can bring. In doing so, we collectively join hands to ensure that the children in our community are best prepared for a successful school experience. There is nothing more important than investing in our children so that they can have a healthy and successful life. Thank you again for your kindness and passion for investing in this community!”

Child advocacy is important to Montcalm County and the We Care for Kids Council works towards promoting and educating both children and adults in the prevention of child abuse and neglect. This includes the Protect Yourself Program, which is a five lesson, personal body safety program for first and third graders in Montcalm County each year. The organization also promotes safe sleep for infants, hosts a yearly Family Fun Day in the spring, and offers training opportunities at various times throughout the year for adults.

Executive Director Sue Kearney said, “The We Care for Kids Council is very appreciative of the donation to our council from Montcalm Wind. We love the support that we get from organizations in Montcalm County and would not be able to do all that we do without this support. Thank you again, Montcalm Wind!”

Other awardees include the Ionia-Montcalm Secure and Friendly Environment Child Advocacy Center to help fund victim and family services in cases of childhood abuse and trauma and Lakeview United Church of Christ to assist with upgrades to their community comfort station that is used for assisting needy families in emergency situations.

The Montcalm Wind Community Grant Program is designed to support community organizations making a meaningful impact in the following areas: Building Healthy Communities, Economic Development, Environmental Sustainability, and Promoting Education. The program will open an additional grant cycle this fall. If you are interested in applying for future grants, please visit or call (989) 787-3029 with questions. Montcalm County residents and community organizations are encouraged to apply and help spread the word.